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Our Services

Our Shariah services are designed to help businesses and individuals adhere to Shariah principles and guidelines.

Consulting and advisory services

Providing guidance and advice on how to ensure that business practices align with Sharia principles.

Certification and audit services

Evaluating a company's policies and procedures to ensure compliance with Sharia and issuing a certificate of compliance.

Legal services

Providing legal support and representation in matters related to Sharia compliance.

Project management

Managing projects in a way that is compliant with Sharia, including oversight of Suppliers.

Training and education

Providing education and training on Sharia principles and how to apply them in business settings.​

Translation and interpretation

Translating documents and contracts into Arabic and ensuring that they are in accordance with Sharia principles.

Financial services

Offering Islamic finance products and services that are compliant with Sharia, such as interest-free loans and profit-and-loss sharing investment accounts.

Marketing and branding

Helping companies develop marketing strategies and branding that align with Sharia principles. We also conduct Halalverse Conference which are high level events for Halal Industry

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