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Understanding FinTech and Blockchain




2 Days (14 hours)


About the Course


The objective of this course is to introduce the niche area of financial technology (fintech) to the participants and give them an overview of its complete ecosystem. So that the participants become familiar with its definition, its major components, main technologies, products and services, current industry trends, and its future prospects. This will be achieved by developing their understanding of the complete infrastructure along its players, and latest knowledge about how it is going to impact large, medium, small organizations and even individuals. They will also gain thorough insights of how fintech is disrupting the traditional business models and conventional firms, so they could tap the business opportunities in this one of the fastest growing segments of finance.

Moreover, blockchain has emerged as a disruptive technology, and many experts consider this latest technology as the second biggest innovation after the internet. Therefore, this course also focuses on Blockchain with the objective of introducing the participants to blockchain technology and giving them an overview of its complete ecosystem. The participants will become familiar with its definition, remove any confusion or misconception, its major components, how it works, how it can be utilized, its features, advantages, limitations and potential applications. This will be achieved by developing their understanding of the complete ecosystem along its main building blocks and components, and latest knowledge about how it is going to impact large, medium, small organizations and even individuals. A virtual demonstration of the working of blockchain will also be presented in this course.

Key Takeaways for Participants:

·         Understand the essence of fintech and its historical roots;

·         Discover how latest technologies are challenging the status quo of the financial industry;

·         Learn about major sectors forming a complete ecosystem of fintech;

·         Improve your understanding of the advance technologies that are driving fintech phenomenon;

·         Examine the future trends and prospects of the industry;

·         Understand the core technology of blockchain and how it works;

·         Recognize the difference between blockchain and cryptocurrencies;

·         Examine how blockchain is disrupting the current financial industry;

·         Comprehend the smart contracts and decentralized applications and how they work;

·         Examine the latest developments and trends in the technological advancements of blockchain and harness the future implications.

Who should attend (Participants):

This important course is designed for middle and senior professionals as well as academicians and regulators who are required to have a general understanding and overview of the Islamic finance industry, including:

·         Finance Managers and Controllers

·         Strategy Directors and Managers

·         Budget, Corporate, Business and Financial Analysts

·         Project Managers and Risk Analysts

·         Investment and Management Accountants

·         Heads of Business Units and Business Planners

·         Financial Advisors and Corporate Analysts

·         Business Analysts

·         Academic Researchers

·         Regulators and policy makers

·         University Faculty Members and Students

Program Outline:

Day 1: Understanding Fintech

Module 1

·         Fintech Definition

·         What is Fintech and what it is not?

·         Historical and Current Developments in Fintech

·         Discussion and Q&A

Module 2

·         Main Technologies of Fintech

·         Current Landscape and Major Coverage of Fintech

·         Discussion and Q&A

Module 3

·         Banking and Payment Industry

·         Raising Money through Fintech

·         Fintech for Personal Financing

·         Discussion and Q&A

Module 4

·         Digital Transformation Strategy for Financial Institutions

·         Fintech Ecosystem

·         Future Trends, Growth & Developments in Fintech

·         Discussion and Q&A

Day 2: Understanding Blockchain

Module 5

·         A Brief History of Blockchain Technology

·         Defining Blockchain

·         Difference between Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

·         Discussion and Q&A

Module 6

·         What are Smart Contracts and Decentralized Applications?

·         How Blockchain Works: A Virtual Demo

·         Discussion and Q&A

Module 7

  • Understanding Cryptocurrencies

  • Tokenization and Token Economy

  • Decentralized Organizations

  • Discussion and Q&A

Module 8

  • Use-Cases of Blockchain

  • The Future Trends and Developments

  • Discussion and Q&A

Your Instructor

Dr. Farrukh Habib

Dr. Farrukh Habib
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