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Islamic Fintech Prospects and Opportunities






About the Course

Overview of the Program:

Islamic Finance is a niche area that follows Islamic law (shariah) principles and rules. It creates a balance between financial services and Islamic legal and ethical values. It can certainly leverage on the latest technologies and new concepts in refining its product offering. Rapid development of technologies can lead to the rise of the new markets and products for Islamic finance industry. Fintech can address the issues within the Islamic financial sectors and solve the issues linked to access and convenience without the need of expensive infrastructure. It tends to evolve the systems to bring in ease, cost-efficiency and speed. Influential technologies that can be used in Islamic finance industry are artificial intelligence, blockchain, smart contracts, machine learning, big data, predictive analytics, and application program interface (API).

Given the above background, this program aims at offering a comprehensive introduction and overview of fintech in relation to Islamic finance. It discusses the core technologies and their use-cases in the Islamic finance industry. It also covers various areas of Islamic fintech and their future potential along with their issues and challenges.  

Objectives of the Program:

The objectives of this course are to introduce the niche area of Islamic financial technology (Islamic fintech) to the participants and give them an overview of its complete ecosystem. So that the participants become familiar with its definition, its major components, products and services, current industry trends, and its future prospects. This will be achieved by developing their understanding of the complete ecosystem along its players, and latest knowledge about how it is going to impact large, medium, small organizations and even individuals. They will also gain thorough insights of how Islamic fintech is disrupting the traditional business models and conventional Islamic financial institutions, so they could tap the business opportunities in this one of the fastest growing segments of Islamic finance.

Key Takeaways for the Participants:

·         Understand the essence of Islamic fintech and its past milestones

·         Discover how Islamic fintech is disrupting current traditional business models, strategies, and diverting the focus by creating new mindset, markets, products, and services

·         Learn about major components forming a complete ecosystem of Islamic fintech

·         Improve the understanding of the current issues and challenges related to Islamic fintech

·         Explore the regulatory framework, including legal, governance and shariah compliance issues

·         Examine the future growth trends and prospects of the industry and how to excel in a tech-driven Islamic financial industry

Introduction to Islamic FinTech
2-Hours Class
Blockchain and Smart Contracts in Islamic Finance
2-Hours Class
Crypto-Assets, Crypto-Exchanges, and Islamic Financial System
2-Hours Class
Innovation in Islamic Financial Services using AI, Robo-Advisory & Algorithms
2-Hours Class
Big Data and Predictive Analytics in Islamic Finance
2-Hours Class
Machine Learning, NLP, and Deep Learning for Islamic Finance
2-Hours Class
Smart Sukuk & Digital Islamic Securities
2-Hours Class
TakaTech (Takaful-Tech or Digital Islamic Insurance)
2-Hours Class
Online, Digital Only & Open Islamic Banking
2-Hours Class
Islamic Crowdfunding and P2P Lending
2-Hours Class
Fintech for Islamic Social Finance (ZakaTech)
2-Hours Class
Digital Transformation Strategy for Financial Institutions
2-Hours Class

Your Instructor

Dr. Farrukh Habib

Dr. Farrukh Habib
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