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Islamic Fintech Program - Executive Learning Program (ELP)




10 Hours


About the Course

Program Overview

The landscape of financial industry, be it Islamic or conventional, is rapidly evolving; and fintech is playing a major role in it. There is a huge potential in cutting-edge technologies, i.e. blockchain, AI, big data, predictive analytics, quantum computing, etc. in making the financial industry more efficient. Similarly, Islamic finance can also hugely benefit from the same phenomenon. Therefore, this program will offer a sound understanding of shariah principles and Islamic finance and relate them with fintech.

This program is designed to satisfy the knowledge requirements of banks, insurance companies, fund management firms, regulatory bodies, policy making organizations, startups, research organizations and universities. The knowledge and understanding in this program are reinforced through quizzes and case studies.

Program Objectives

·         Have a robust introduction to the complete ecosystem of Islamic fintech.

·         Understand the operational and commercial use of latest technologies in Islamic finance.

·         Comprehend the issues and challenges facing Islamic fintech.

·         Appreciate the true potential of Islamic fintech in developing new products and services.


Session 1: Islamic Law of Contract and Islamic Finance (2-Hours)

·         Nature of Islamic Financial Transactions

o   Principles and Shariah Rules for Financial Transactions

o   Prohibitions in Islamic Financial Transactions

·         Understanding Islamic Financial Products and Services

Session 2: Understanding Fintech Phenomenon (2-Hours)

·         Fintech Explained

o   What Is Fintech And What It Is Not?

·         Major Components of Fintech

o   Blockchain & Smart Contracts

o   Machine Learning & Deep Learning

o   Artificial Intelligence

o   Big Data & Predictive Analytics

o   IoT Devices & Quantum Computing

Session 3: Relating Islamic Finance to Fintech (2-Hours)

·         Definition of Islamic Fintech:

o   What it is and what is not?

·         Islamic Fintech Framework

·         Islamic Fintech Landscape & Ecosystem

·         Latest Trends, Growth & Developments

Session 4: Case Studies, Issues and Challenges (2-Hours)

·         Shariah Compliance of Crypto-Assets: A Case of Confusion

·         Blockchain-Based Sukuk: Blossom Finance

·         AI-Based Investment: Wahed Invest

·         Issues and Challenges in Fintech

Your Instructor

Dr. Farrukh Habib

Dr. Farrukh Habib
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