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Crypto Assets and Islamic Finance




9 Hours


About the Course

Overview of the Program:

The crypto world is not about only bitcoin anymore. There are thousands of emerging altcoins (alternative crypto assets) in circulation and different phenomena happening currently with great promise of application beyond currency and payment system. Crypto Assets have become an independent asset class and have transformed into a huge industry. They provide additional investment venues of alternative income source and investment diversification. Many projects, protocols and tokens are created almost every day addressing the financial issues of the present and future!

Unfortunately, many people (especially Muslim masses) are hesitant to get involve in this space due to their faith-based approach. Many Islamic financial institutions, regulatory bodies in the Muslim majority (OIC member) countries and individuals find it difficult to understand this phenomenon in the light of the Islamic law (shariah) and its principles. Therefore, this program will provide a fundamental overview and a practical approach towards the crypto assets from the Islamic finance perspective. The knowledge and understanding in this program are reinforced through quizzes and case studies.

Key Takeaways for Participants:

·         Understand the innovative dynamics of crypto assets and tokenization

·         What crypto assets are, how they work, and how they are traded

·         Comprehend the major components of crypto space, i.e., wallets, exchanges, smart contracts, etc.

·         Recognize mining, staking, minting, and harvesting

·         Differentiate Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs), Initial DEX Offerings (IDO), and Security Token Offering (STOs)

·         Understand Defi and NFTs

·         Get introduced to Islamic Law (Shariah) Principles Relevant to the Crypto Space

·         Understand the use-cases of crypto assets in Islamic finance

Program Outline:

1.       Introduction to Crypto Assets (3 Hours)

a)       What are crypto assets, how they are created and used?

b)      Different Types of Crypto Assets and Tokenization

c)       Wallets, Exchanges, Decentralized System

d)      Trading and Investing in Cryptos

2.       A Deeper Understanding of the Crypto Phenomenon (3 Hours)

a)       ICO, IDO, IEO and STO

b)      Defi, DEXs and NFTs

c)       Mining, Staking, Minting, and Harvesting

d)      Central Banks Digital Assets (CBDCs)

3.       Islamic Finance and Crypto Assets (3 Hours)

a)       Shariah Principles for Sale and Trade

b)      Issues and Prohibitions in Crypto Assets

c)       Screening and Reviewing Criteria for Crypto Assets

d)      Governance Framework for Crypto Projects

Who should attend (Participants):

This important course is designed for middle and senior professionals as well as academicians, students, and regulators who are interested in having a general understanding and overview of crypto assets in relation to Shariah and Islamic finance, including:

·         Strategy Directors and Managers

·         Project Managers and Risk Analysts

·         Product Developers and Architect

·         Heads of Business Units and Business Planners

·         Financial Advisors and Corporate Analysts

·         Business Analysts

·         Academic Researchers

·         Regulators and policy makers

·         University Faculty Members and Students

·         Researchers and Shariah Scholars

Your Instructor

Dr. Farrukh Habib

Dr. Farrukh Habib
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